Presidents Message 20/21

Get “Stoked”!

Are you ready to crush or cruise some “Okanagan Champagne Powder”? I know we are. Yours truly worked hard even in these weird times in the world and got a long overdue upgrade. Tada the Turd-OO! That is right, a Skidoo with a turbo. I know that a winter vacation other than sledding is out of the picture for our family this year so riding is what we will do. 3 people in my house share my enthusiasm, I know my Mrs. is not a fan of winter but she still loves us and sends us riding; we love her for letting us shred.

For the upcoming season, we have set out to create a whole lot of fun for our members and day riders. After all, that is what snowmobiling is, fun with a capital F. The weather forecast looks fabulous for sledding and the travel forecast looks less than flattering so plan to go riding in the Graystokes or Myra Idabel areas. Work parties have already started at some of our 8 emergency shelters.

Behind the scenes we are working long hours. Here are some highlights:

  • Sponsorship packages have changed significantly to incent small business and riders and maybe even make snowmobiling more affordable. To encourage local business to support our club as we will support them as customers. 
  • Day pass bundles to help riders with a slightly discounted rate. 
  • Our BIG Red snow cat will be getting tune ups.
  • Our small groomer will also be being re-outfitted in a serious attempt to maintain the Myra Idabel Trails. I know that one is long overdue. 

We have plans in place to show current conditions and rider counts daily this winter (be sure to check Facebook) and there will be a link from the website so anyone can look with a single click. There will be a poker run to support other charities, that one is going to have a positive change this year and there will also be another charity event in late February 2021. It is still a secret but some great prizes. Stay tuned. 

We have created a partnership agreement with the BCSF (British Columbia Snowmobile Federation) to support our club in these uncertain times and long into the future. They are a strong bridge to the items our Board of Directors cannot do.  In our agreement with the BCSF, there are some good deals on sled insurance through CapriCMW which is local and embraces our club. Check out their other alliances for deals on retailers and hotels. 

In our community everything is “under construction”, including our club and our board so check back often for new information. You can always look at our Facebook page as it is an easier platform to distribute information faster.

The Prez

Chris Block