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Membership Sign-up FAQ

Navigate to the Home page, or hover over Membership Account, and click Membership Levels. If you haven’t already done so, purchase a Primary Membership first by clicking “Sign Me Up!”. You are registered for an account once you have purchased a membership.  
Login to your account if you have previously purchased a membership. Purchase a Primary Membership by clicking “Sign Me Up!” or "Renew". If you haven’t registered you will register at the same time as the purchase.  
Your Secondary Membership Discount Code was sent to you in your Primary Membership confirmation email, in your Primary Membership purchase confirmation, or the Discount Code is located in your primary membership account page.

1. Click the link in the Primary Membership confirmation after purchasing a Primary membership and follow the “How do I purchase a Secondary Membership?” FAQ.

2. Click the link in the Primary Membership confirmation email after purchasing a Primary membership and follow the “How do I purchase a Secondary Membership?” FAQ. 3. You may access the Discount Code through your Primary Membership account by following the steps below. Login To your account. In your Membership Account locate the Gift Code under My Account and click the link and follow the “How do I purchase a Secondary Membership?” FAQ.
If you have written down the Discount code, purchase a Secondary Membership by clicking “Sign Me Up!”. If you previously clicked a discount code link you will not need to manually enter the Discount Code. Enter the Discount Code by clicking “Click Here to enter your Discount code.” Enter your Discount code and click apply. The Membership Level will display the discount code and discount code price. If you are logged into your Primary Membership account click the log out now link under Account Information. (You cannot purchase two memberships under one account and you must have a different email address for the secondary account.) If you have a secondary account already Login to it now by clicking “Log in here”. Enter your new account information and click the paypal checkout button at the bottom of the page.
Login to your account. In your account menu on the right-hand side, click Membership Card. Your membership card will now be displayed. This card can be printed by clicking print. You must show a valid member card at the trail head to be given access to the trails. Just a reminder, network coverage is poor on the mountain, save a picture of this card on your smart device just encase you do not have network access. The membership card printout contains two sizes of membership card for your convenience, as shown below.  
Login to your membership account. Membership expiry is shown in your Membership Account.
Click The link provided below to view our current maps. Trail Maps
The Kelowna Snowmobile Club usually starts Grooming trails At the end of November. Trail Grooming is dependent on the Snow Levels at the trail heads. There must be enough snow on the mountain in all areas that the groomer needs to travel before regular grooming occurs. The Kelowna Snowmobile Club Groomers post the areas that have been freshly groomed on the Facebook group page.See the Link below For more details. KSC Facebook Group Page